Goddess Rash Guard Review

Upon first glance you may think this is a review about a fancy topical cream for irritated skin! A rash guard is a long sleeved athletic shirt that is traditionally worn under a wetsuit to prevent chafing or alone to prevent sunburn and abrasions.  I received a Goddess Rash Guard at no charge from Legend to review.

I always wear sleeveless tops when I work out and teach classes, so I was curious to see how it would feel to wear long sleeves. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I was during my dance class; my upper body movements were not  restricted!


Love the white! I look like an ice skater!

Love the white! I look like an ice skater

The Goddess Rash Guard is made from a moisture wicking material, so it was not soaked after I finished teaching dance class. I also took a hot  yin yoga class at Priya Hot Yoga while wearing the rash guard and was very comfortable as I moved around on my mat.

The shirt is treated with UPF 50+ which will help protect my skin from sun damage when I start training for 5K races on Kelly Drive. The shirts are made in the USA, have a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty! You can order a Goddess Rash Guard on Amazon.

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