How to protect your hair during summer


how to protect your hair during summer image : Orofluido ad campaign

Summer is an enemy for our hair. The UV rays, the action of salt water and chlorine but also the air conditioning can make your hair less healthy and shiny . Protect them with hats and try to keep them as clean as possible by washing it every day with fresh water and very little shampoo.

A shampoo a day keeps the split ends back
Beware of promises in the advertising, shampoos only serve to cleanse, in this case to remove salt or chlorine from your scalp , nothing more. The vitamins and substances contained in the revolutionary shampoo that should fortify bulbs, roots and the ends of your hair are pretty much useless: they are substances that stay in contact with the hair a very short time to develop truly effective action. The best choice is the most delicate shampoo.Look for products that have no sodium lauryl or…

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