Confessions of a Fitness Professional Part One

My love affair with fitness began in the late 80’s. I was working at a YMCA as a day care aide after a stint as a prison guard camp counselor. Swimming with the kids, walking three miles back home after camp and cutting back on junk food helped me lose weight that summer, and I wanted to continue. One of my friends taught me how to lift weights, then I started taking aerobic classes. Using my dance background for choreography and inspiration, I started teaching classes.
Fast forward to today, I am still in the industry. And my, has it changed! One thing that I pride myself on as a trainer is my creativity – a Macgyver type in yoga pants. My clients rarely use machines (except cables and the assisted pull-up machine). Instead, we use bodyweight, kettle bells, free weights and balance equipment during sessions. Some clients are baffled by this, and have requested that I use selectorized (i.e. Nautilus) equipment instead of the resistance band/medicine ball circuit (or any other cool routine). In the nicest tone possible, I tell clients that I am not going to put them on a piece of equipment that has instructions. These interactions have inspired me to be even more innovative when designing workouts. Including a high skill exercise such as the Turkish getupor a Pilates teaser provides clients with another goal besides losing weight. Both aforementioned moves require a level of flexibility, core strength and mind body awareness to execute.

All of these musings lead me to make a very bold statement:


Case in point:
▪️45 minutes on the elliptical at the same pace while watching TV
▪️Taking a strength training class using 3lb and 5lb weights
▪️Doing the same fitness routine day after day

Thoughts? Please share!

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