tasc Performance Product Review

Last month I posted an outfit from tasc Performance. Pictured below are the Intensity sports bra and Slide skapri (the skapri is on sale!)


tasc Performance is a New Orleans-based company. After years of natural fiber research and textile engineering, they created a bamboo fiber fabric that wicks away moisture, dries quickly, repels odor, is comfortable and durable, plus the fabric has UPF 50+.

I wore the outfit while teaching a popular dance class that begins with the last letter of the alphabet. The bra top was very supportive and comfortable. I really liked the adjustable straps. The Slide skapri (capri leggings with skirt) was very cute with a little zip pocket in the back. Although very comfortable, the waistband is very low and the bottom of the leggings was a little tight on my muscular calves. An inch more on the waistband would make the slide skapri more wearable for a range of body types, and a more elasticized hem on the leggings could accommodate all calf sizes.

For online deals for tasc Performance, click here.

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