Sweeteners: The Natural, The Artificial and The Just Plain Nasty Part One

Sugar, sugar, sugar. We can’t live with it, we can’t live without it. Let’s learn some basic facts first before we clean out our cabinets and rush to the organic food store.

Simple sugars, or sucrose, glucose and fructose are indistinguishable to the palate but your digestive system is more discerning. All natural sugars have 4 calories per gram, but sugar from an apple is going to be processed and used differently than sugar that has been added to your favorite breakfast cereal.

First up is table sugar:


One tablespoon of white table sugar has about 48 calories. White sugar is derived from plant sources. One teaspoon has 16 calories. It can be coarse, granulated or powdered after processing. Common uses are to sweeten hot and cold beverages and baking.


Brown sugar is processed white sugar with added molasses. Some people think that it is more nutritious because molasses contains minerals, but one teaspoon has 17 calories. Adding brown sugar to a dish imparts a richer flavor.


Raw sugar is pressed sugar cane mixed with lime, spun through a centrifuge, then left to dry. It is light brown in color because sugar actually contains molasses before it is processed. At 16 calories per teaspoon, raw sugar doesn’t have any added health benefits.

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