Kids in Crisis

Do you remember how many overweight classmates you had in elementary school? I can only recall one. Sometimes we would eat lunch at the same table in the cafeteria, where I would watch her eat two sandwiches, a bag of potato chips and cookies washed down by a Tahitian Treat soda*. I felt deprived with my one sandwich, apple and purchased milk.

Fast forward to today. An alarming number of school aged children are not just a few pounds overweight, but obese. These children are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes among other diseases.

How can parents help their children learn healthy habits to prevent obesity?

1. Enroll their children in a sport or exercise program.
2. Learn and teach children how to read food labels for nutritional values.
3. Make healthy living a family affair.

*For the non – Philadelphians, this is a Tahitian Treat soda:


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