Official St. Patrick’s Day Post

In Philadelphia, St. Patrick’s Day revelry begins not one, but two weekends before the 17th. That’s a lot of celebrating! Imagine if you were to spend that time in other ways, like adding even more new green vegetables to your meals.
But I digress. Let’s move on to the next step in our healthy steps series:


If you have been following my posts from the beginning, hopefully you are starting to see some physical changes. Dr. Everett strongly suggests that all of her patients step on the scale first thing in the morning. For you scale-phobes, take your measurements at least once a month. Use a measuring tape with easy to read numbers on bare skin. Pull the tape tightly without indenting the skin. Make sure you use the same tape in the same position on the body part to maintain accurate results.


You don’t have to take all of the measurements pictured: measure your chest, abdomen, hip and buttocks (for women), middle of thigh, calf and upper arm. Write the numbers in on your calendar, along with a reminder to take them the same time next month.

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