Go Green For Saint Patrick’s Day

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by adding more green to your diet. No, not green beer! Vegetables!


One of Dr. Everett’s favorite vegetables is kale. One cup of chopped kale only has 33 calories and is high in vitamins A, C and K. Fresh kale leaves can be dark green, purple and deep red in color. Make sure the leaves and stems are firm when purchasing. You can purchase chopped kale in the salad section, but it may not be as fresh as the whole leaves. Do you have a favorite use or recipe for kale? Share it with us!

Next up is the amazing avacado. A ripe avocado that is ready to eat is dark green and will yield to moderate pressure. An overripe one will feel squishy. Add a few slices to a salad, or use as a sandwich spread.


Complete the color palate by choosing a brightly colored vegetable such as acorn squash or red peppers.

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