Post DST

Hello! This week should be interesting for everyone because of Daylight Savings Time. Don’t worry, your body will adjust to the time change soon! In the meantime, try a cup of chamomile tea before bed.


On Friday, I wrote about someone who had a heart attack at the gym. Unfortunately, it was fatal. He was only 49. Steven was a musician and had been a member at the gym for at least 10 years. Sometimes he would play percussion during my cycling classes. Talk about an awesome experience! May your soul rest in peace Steven.

Steven’s untimely death brings me to the lesson for day six (yes, I know I didn’t post this weekend – I will make up days four and five this week!

Too many of us neglect our health by not going to the doctor for an annual physical. To make the most of your doctor visit, request a blood screening test beforehand. Allow at least one or two weeks for your results. In some states you may be able to receive a copy of your results that you can bring to your appointment. Your doctor will be able to give you the most effective strategies to prevent and treat disease with your blood screening results.


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