Day Two To a Healthier You!

Hello! Can you believe the first day of spring is March 20? That is only 14 days away!

This winter we have endured bitter cold temperatures and mountains of snow. Some people may feel symptoms of seasonal affective disorder such as mild depression and fatigue. Even with spring around the corner, you can cure your winter blues and leap into spring with one or two of the following steps.

1. Start training for a summer or fall outdoor event. Robin can help you with a training program.

2. Start spring cleaning now. Go through your wardrobe. If you didn’t wear something this season, perhaps you should find it a new home.

3. Stave off the winter blues by making small changes in your eating habits. For example, have a fresh piece of fruit instead of a cookie when you have a craving for sugar.


To recap, your first step to a healthier you is to plan meals and shopping lists BEFORE you go to the supermarket. Second, work on at least one of two of the above tasks to get ready for spring. I’m open to suggestions for day three!



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